Tuesday, November 22, 2011

japan lizard 10 years

When renovating a house, a construction worker tried to erode the wall.
Houses in Japan usually have an empty space between the walls that are made of wood. When the walls start falling, he found a lizard trapped between the empty space in his feet attached to a nail.
He felt sorry and also curious. When he checked the nail, he found out it apparently had been there 10 years ago when the house was first built.
What happened? How can the small lizzard survive the condition of being trapped for 10 years? , In the dark for 10 years, without moving at all, it is something impossible and unreasonable.
The man was wondering how the lizard can survive for 10 years without moving from his place since his foot was stuck on a nail!

The construction man then stopped the work and silently observe the lizard, what it does and what it ate to survive.
Then, suddenly, another lizard appeared with food in its mouth ........
The man was so touched to see that. Turns out there was a lizard who always took care of that trapped lizard for 10 years. It was a beautiful love ... love. Love can happen even between small animals.
What can be done by love? Of course, a miracle.
Imagine, these lizards never gave up and never stopped feeding its partner for 10 years. Imagine how small animals can have such a wonderful bond and compassion.


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