Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Iphone 4S Plan Comparison between Maxis, Digi & Celcom

*Upfront payment will be refund back to the customer by deducting Monthly bills. Celcom for 12months and maxis for 5months

e.g 420/12=35/month
Monthly RM 98-35= RM 63/month

To conclude, I prefer 24months i98.

  • 2GB internet where i can terminate my broadband
  • 6000 mins call within network = 3hours + daily celcom to celcom (How I'm going to finish it)
  • 100 mins calls to digi, maxis & other telcos is suit me for medium call user
  • 15sen/min is just fine if i exceed 100mins call..


Anonymous said...

lately I've been dreaming about my friends' wedding. and one of them is you. I'm not sure whether it's already come to real or not but it'll be on december :)

so, since i don't have any other social account to wish you so i wishh you here "hey selamat pengantin baru"


Ammar Funna Abidin said...

hey too.. do u know me? sory koz i dont know ur id.. I think we are frens then.. r u talking about this December or next december.. koz this month is december and i dont see myself will become husband in this month.. it is to eraly to wish selamat pengantin baru.. coz i donno when my ajal.. altho its just next to me.. hope i can see the future.. same to u too.. Amin.. wsalam

Anonymous said...


we were friends, Ammar Funna :) and you know me very well.

and i want to be the first person to wish you the good i will share with you and all our friends the good news too.soon.InsyaAllah :)

Ammar Funna Abidin said...

R u my long lost fren?? Aiman..?? kau k?? r u Malaysian? yeah, it seems that u r the first person to wish me dat altho im not sure will or will not that thing will happen.. but it seems u r getting married too.. Congratz.. wish ur happines too.. Amin..

Anonymous said...

tak kenal ke? amfun, ni ali lah. kau lah di antara kawan aku yang bertuah dapat tahu tarikh khawin dari mimpi aku. sebelum ni, dah dua orang aku mimpi, semua jadi, walaupun tarikhnya sedikit tersasar.

and by the way, I am Malaysian :)

Ammar Funna Abidin said...

la.. Ali.. nape la ckp omputeh dgn aku.. ingtkn org mana haha.. yola bertuah hehe.. AMin jer.. jodoh itu rezki.. da xde fb k?? xtau plak..