Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Poem..

When you think that there is no one listens,
When you think that there is no one bothers about you,
When you think that you are all alone,
In fact, you are wrong,
He is the one who always remember you.

This life is a gift,
A gift to one who appreciates,
For one who shall benefit it well,
As the gift will unfold itself,
And gives priceless sine qua non,
Irreplaceable memories.

Life has its own cruelty,
Cruel by means of being unjust,
To the lucky victims of its desire,
All they have to do is ironically simple,
To forbearing the viciousness.

The past may give you well life,
Great lives for some blessed people,
With prosperity in a battle,
A battle of studying for some people,
But it would not last for long.

What happens to these people today,
May be the opposite of yesterday,
As well as for tomorrow,
Life has its ups and downs,
For the least expected things.

All I can say now is,
Be prepared for tomorrow,
Give up is not an option in life,
For life has its unforeseen wishes,
And be calm is one ought to do.


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