Sunday, April 12, 2009

Richest Fooball Player

The full list, according to Forbes, is below. Current clubs are given, which may differ from 2008 teams. In the case of a player being on loan, the side for whom he currently is registered is given first.

1 David Beckham
$46m AC Milan/LA Galaxy
Serie A/MLS

2 Ronaldinho
$33m AC Milan
Serie A

3 Thierry Henry
$28m Barcelona
La Liga

4 Kaka
$22m AC Milan
Serie A

5 Cristiano Ronaldo
$21m Manchester Utd
Premier League

6 Lionel Messi
$18m Barcelona
La Liga

7 Frank Lampard
$18m Chelsea
Premier League

8 Wayne Rooney
$18m Manchester Utd
Premier League

9 John Terry
$18m Chelsea
Premier League

10 Steven Gerrard
$18m Liverpool
Premier League

11 Michael Ballack
$15m Chelsea
Premier League

12 Ronaldo
$15m Corinthians

13 Fabio Cannavaro
$15m Real Madrid
La Liga

14 Francesco Totti
$15m Roma
Serie A

15 Zlatan Ibrahimovic
$14m Internazionale
Serie A

16 Andriy Shevchenko
$14m AC Milan/Chelsea
Serie A/PL

17 Rio Ferdinand
$14m Manchester Utd
Premier League

18 Didier Drogba
$12m Chelsea
Premier League

19 Raul
$12m Real Madrid
La Liga

20 Alessandro Del Piero
$11m Juventus
Serie A

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